5823 EXPLORER TRANSIT CASE 580 x 440 x 220mm Empty

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NZ$572.00 (Inc. GST)
NZ$497.39 (Ex. GST)
9.17 KGS
empty no foam
Internal Dimensions:
580 x 440 x 220mm
External Dimensions:
670 x 510 x 262mm
Lid / Base Height:
60 + 160mm
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Product Overview

Virtually indestructible case, providing a storage solution for any sensitive/expensive equipment requiring a high level of protection to suit the harshest environment or even just for air-travel applications. Regularly used in the Military, Aerospace requirements, Computer storage, Photographic storage, Scuba applications, Police and Fire Brigade.

5823 Explorer Case Features: (see photos)

  • PVC Waterproof I.D Removable Label
  • Sealing O-Ring
  • Self-Oiling Free Running Wheels
  • Soft Grip Rubber Handle - Load tested handle, reinforced with corrosion proof steel pins
  • Two Man Lift Side Handles
  • Wheels And Telescopic Handle
  • Corrosion proof Metal Hinges With Lid Stay Features
  • Internal Slots - internal slots for optional panel mounting brackets or panel mounting rings
  • Jam Free Latches With Easy-Opening Mechanism
  • Manual Pressure Release Valve - internal stop ring prevents valve from being completely extracted

All of the Explorer Cases Range Superior Features include:

  • Stronger case grants better protection of the interior
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, humidity, dust
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures
  • Jam-free purge valve and latches
  • Recommended for professional applications
  • 100% made in Italy: Italian design and proven functionality
  • First to achieve the new military standard qualifications
  • Recognised as the most versatile case to customise
  • Widest choice of accessories to customise your experience
  • Incorporate a number of patented innovation